Foundation Stage


Summer Term 2017

Welcome back after a lovely, sunny break. We can't believe it is the children's fifth term in school. Just look at how much they have grown and learnt so much already. We welcome another busy term ahead with lots of new learning.

This term's whole school theme is Geography based. This means that we can focus on Knowledge and Understanding of the World here in EYFS. The children will be learning about our local area of Lydney through visits, story and play.

Oaks overview of learning Summer 2017

The 'all about me' bag!

All children in Oaks class get the chance to bring in objects from home to share with the rest of the class. This tells us a little bit more about the children and their interests and hobbies outside of school. Families are encouraged to join in with this experience too.

Spring Term 2017

This term the children were learning all about themselves under the topic of Healthy Me!

Autumn Term 2016

Welcome letter Autumn 2016

In the Autumn term, the children will be learning about how they have gown and changed through the topic, Once they were giants.



Welcome letter Autumn 2015

In the Autumn term, the children were learning through the topic, Once they were giants.

In the Spring term the children have a literacy based theme, learning through traditional tales.

In the Summer term the children will be learning all about plants through the story Jack and the Beanstalk.