Religious Education

We aim to engage pupils with questions arising from the study of religion and beliefs so as to promote thier spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  We have recently held a multi faith week below is a write up by our RE coordinator Mrs C Bushell.

Multi-Faith Week 1st-5th June

Last week was Multi-faith Week. A lot of excellent learning took place. The week began looking at the Christian festival of Pentecost, which celebrates the sending of Holy Spirit, with a visitor named Jonathan Kear.  The children learnt songs, made flame biscuits, flame headbands, wrote Pentecost prayers about something they would like to be more confident with and wrote about what happened at Pentecost. On Tuesday all of KS1 visited Holy Trinity church to explore the features of the church and talk about their favourite Bible stories. Our extremely grateful thanks go to Aileen Powell for facilitating this visit and the many parents who accompanied the children. KS2 began a rotation of activities learning about the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan, the Buddhist eightfold path, the Jewish practise of placing a Mezuzah on doorposts of their homes, the wearing of the 5 K’s and the Gurdwara as a place of worship in Sikhism, and the 5 pillars in Islam. Y3 & Y4 were privileged to participate in a superb Sikh workshop about the 5 K’s in Sikhism led by Lakers staff and pupils. On Wednesday KS2 rotations continued and KS1 began looking at the Jewish festivals and traditions of Purim, Hanukkah, Shabbat, and the placing of a Mezuzah on doorposts of their homes. On Thursday KS2 welcomed Mark Baker who shared the story of Esther that is celebrated during the Jewish festival of Purim whilst KS1 continued their rotation of Jewish activities. Finally on Friday, we reflected upon and celebrated the fantastic learning that had taken place and sang our Pentecost songs in Collective Worship. It was truly wonderful to see the children so enthusiastic and articulate about their learning throughout the week. Please ask your child/children to share their learning with you.

Yearly overview available here.