Kaleidoscope CREW

The Kaleidoscope CREW (Pupil Council for RE & Worship)



Our Kaleidoscope CREW was formed in November 2014 with the aim to involve pupils in shaping RE and Collective Worship in our academy. Over time the different Kaleidoscope CREWs have created invitations for our governors and friends for our Carol Service, participated in and lead Collective Worship for class groups and the whole school, made the worship banner in the hall, created the three core values banners in the entrance way, organised and lead prayerspaces, developed the use of prayer/reflection stations around the school and been involved in the development and use of our spiritual garden amongst other things.



We have held a number of prayerspaces in school over recent years on the themes of

  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Around the World (local, national and world issues)
  • Speak Life (Speaking positively/ Being kind)
  • Superheroes (what talents do we have/ what do we want to be like/ what do we want to change)


The Kaleidoscope CREW (Pupil Council for RE & Worship) helps to create themes and decide which activities to include. They help organise and lead the activities and reflections for their fellow pupils.

Members of local churches and the Open The Book team have also supported and facilitated children’s learning, reflection and exploration whilst moving from one activity to another.

Pupils thoroughly enjoy the activities and have developed a greater understanding of spirituality and appreciation for times of reflection. Many children have commented how certain activities have helped them ‘move on’.