School Council

School council representatives are democratically elected by their classmates after having given a short speech on their suitability and passion for the job.


'We meet every month. We share our ideas that we talk about in class and we talk about ideas for fundraising, how to make the playground better and what we think would be good. 

We decided what sort of badges we wanted and now we are talking to people about having a different zone every day at lunchtime.  Some people want parachute zone, some want books to read and some want an art zone.  We are going get ideas off everyone and then decide together.  

We have been working with a local Special School - Heart of the Forest - and have visited several times.We showed them some of the rewards and systems in our school and they are going to talk to their governors to see if they can do some like us.  

We are also part of the Youth Forum on the Town Council and have undertaken a survey on the local play area. Our next project is doing a survey on the local potholes in Lydney East, which they will hopefully repair so it is safer to cycle!'