Helping my child learn

The children have started to learn their sounds (phonemes) and have their new Sound Books to share with you at home so that you can support their learning.  Below is a week by week picture of the sounds they will be learning as we move through to Christmas.  One new sound will be introduced each day so that 5 sounds are learned each week until 19 sounds have been introduced.  Every day the sounds already introduced will be recapped.  Children are encouraged to bring in objects that start with the initial sounds for example c = clock, o = octopus

Term 2

Week 1- 3rd November              s, a, t, i, p

Week 2 - 10th November           m, d, g, o, u

Week 3 - 17th November           n, c/k, e, h, r

Week 4 - 24th November           l, f, b


Helping my child learn
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