Topic homework Summer Term 2018

We are off on a journey around the world! This term's homework has a geography focus.

Elm: Into the Forest (Forest of Dean)

Chestnut: Busy City (Gloucester)





Rowan and Sycamore are not completing topic homework this term as they are revising for their national tests.



Topic Homework Term 3 2018




We have had many positive comments from the children and families about our new style topic homework. We are amazed by the effort the children make and the varied and thoughtful pieces of work that are produced each term. Please come and see some of the children's work which is now being dispalyed in the old entrance way.


Below are the overviews of our new Author Study Topic homework, leading up to the end of Term 3. 

How many INSPIRE points will be achieved?

Oaks: Reception children do not have to complete topic homework this term. 

Regarding homework in Reception we expect pupils to practice their phonics and reading daily for 5-10 minutes. We would also encourage pupils, when ready, to apply this to writing through simple sentences relating to experiences they have encountered twice a week. Talking about numbers in the environment and counting is also considered very important for their mathematical development and should be seized upon at every opportunity. 


Elm and Chestnut




Rowan and Sycamore: Year 6 children are working hard revising for their upcoming SAT's this term. There will be no topic homework for this year group.