Achievement for All 2018



National accolade awarded to Primrose Hill C of E Primary Academy

A national accolade for quality has been awarded to Primrose Hill C of E Primary Academy in Lydney for its work in improving the well-being, resilience and self-esteem of its pupils who are vulnerable to underachievement.

The Quality Mark Award recognises the impressive work being done by the school to improve progress in reading, writing and maths for all pupils, particularly those with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities.

The award has been developed by leading education charity Achievement for All (AfA), which offers support programmes to schools and settings to help them improve outcomes in the lowest achieving 20 per cent.

Primrose Hill C of E Primary Academy has been working in partnership with Achievement for All since October 2015 and has seen a marked improvement in many aspects including working with parents and carers on children’s targets as part of the AfA framework.

Victoria Henson, Headteacher at Primrose Hill C of E Primary Academy, said:

“The AfA programme has been welcomed throughout the school and has added an extra layer of support, focus and drive so that the best outcomes are possible for identified pupils.  We have invested in providing the most effective work with parents and carers and we are excited that this will continue to drive improvements across the whole academy in the future.  We are delighted to have been awarded the Quality Mark status and look forward to continuing our drive towards outstanding education for its pupils.’

Achievement for All works closely with parents, carers, teachers and the individual child to secure the best outcome and attainment for their students through personalised and specific targets. The unique programmes are delivered directly to schools and settings via a highly skilled and trained team of expert coaches and specialist online support tool called The Bubble.

Schools are assessed for the Quality Mark Award within the second year of the Schools Programme. The award focuses on a variety of categories such as strategic planning, quality of teaching and learning, effective use of interventions, pupil progress and community relationships.

Laura Bromberg, Regional Lead at Achievement for All, said:

“We are thrilled to present Primrose Hill C of E Primary Academy with this much deserved award. They have shown a high quality of leadership and teamwork, and most importantly, the target groups have made more than expected progress and are closing the gap with their peers. Our programmes are designed to be a whole school improvement tool and Primrose Hill C of E Primary Academy has shown a continued commitment and success in improving outcomes for their children.

“Achievement for All believes that every child can progress, and through our programmes we hope to enable every child to be the best that they can be regardless of background, challenge, or need. Huge congratulations to teachers, parents, carers and children at Primrose Hill C of E Primary Academy for all their hard work.”