British Values in Primrose Hill

In November 2014, the Department for Education published some helpful information concerning British Values and their strong link to the teaching of SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education) to ensure that all schools actively promote the fundamental British Values of democracy:

  • To understand right from wrong and to develop and understanding of the civil and criminal law in our country.
  • To enable pupils to take responsibility for their own actions and play an active, positive part in their communities, and through this, society in a wider way.
  • To enable pupils to gain an understanding and respect for public institutions in our country.
  • To understand the importance of tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions by enabling pupils to understand and appreciate their own cultures and traditions.
  • To demonstrate respect for others.
  • To encourage respect for democracy and an understanding of how this process works in this country.

In our school we teach/encourage/enable an understanding and deepening appreciation of British Values in the following ways:

  • Our core values of Perseverance, Respect, Inspiration, Diversity and Excellence flow through all of our interactions with one another and reinforce our worship and curriculum.
  • Our PHSCE curriculum further supports a practical demonstration of respect, tolerance and empathy for one another and through visits from outside speakers, which encompass Health, Police, E Safety etc.
  • Our RE curriculum deepens and develops a knowledge and understanding of other people’s faiths as well as our own and a respect for the beliefs and opinions of others through a mix of approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Our Curriculum enables pupils to gain a deepening understanding of those in our own and other communities who have different backgrounds to us.  It engenders a respect and appreciation of their culture. Pupils’ learning is enhanced by themed days, for example Mulit Faith week and a focus on other countries through our Geography curriculum.
  • Our Arts/PE/Science Curriculum celebrates the achievements of artists, musicians, scientists and sportsmen from different backgrounds and cultures and encourages children to aspire to succeed in these areas.
  • We demonstrate the importance of democracy in our community through elections to the School Council and of House Captains by the wider school community. This is in addition to the democratic processes used for a variety of different classroom roles and responsibilities.

As a whole school community of pupils, staff and governors, we aim to uphold these values in our daily interactions and work with one another so that our pupils leave our school able to fully take their place within modern Britain today.