Life in all its fullness

At Primrose Hill C of E Primary Academy our 'life in all its fullness' offer sits alongside our academic offer to ensure al of our children develop and progress holistically as individuals to grow their brighter future. 



Children have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities and experiences during their time at Primrose Hill to develop and embed our five 'petals': sense of self, sense of place, creativity, ambition and curiosity.  For example enjoying a residential or visiting a UK city, putting yourself forward for a student leadership role, doing a live performance, reading a wide variety of books or leaving a positive legacy of your time at Primrose Hill.  

For each activity or experience the children complete they will be awarded a gold, silver or bronze badge.  For example to achieve the bronze award in creativity the children need to perform or exhibit a talent to their class or the whole school.  To achive gold in sense of place the children have to contribute to a region event which improves the local area.   

The children are able to wear their badges on their uniform.  

Life in all its fulness powerpoint