A Guide to Using SeeSaw

A Guide to Using SeeSaw

Available on:

Mac / App store.




These are all free apps.


What is the purpose of SeeSaw?

SeeSaw is an app to link home/school by establishing on online journal for your child. It can be used to share children’s school work with parents at home. More recently, it can be used to share home learning with your child’s teacher. You can upload pictures, videos, PDF documents and notes. The app enables you to add captions and voice notes to work. As teachers, we can set assignments for your child to view. You can message your child’s teacher using the Family app.

There are two apps available to access SeeSaw. Both have different purposes.

Family app:

This is used for parents to view a child’s journal. If you have more than one child at Primrose Hill then you can view both journals. Through the Family app you can message your child’s teacher (once they have messaged you and established the contact chain) and comment on the journal entries. Once you have logged into this app, it will stay logged in. This app will not notify you of any assignments that have been set by teachers. However, we will message you when we have uploaded an assignment. When a teacher sends an announcement, you will receive an email notification sent to the account that you have used to link to SeeSaw.

Class app:

This app is used to add to your child’s journal and is accessible through your child’s Home Learning code. This is set up for the children so the code is set up in your child’s name.  You can view the assignments that teachers have set and post a response if you wish. Responses can be given as a picture/video/PDF/note. Any journal entry or comment made, will be only be posted once your child’s class teacher has approved the post. Children are unable to message their class teacher through this app, that feature is only available using the Family app. The downside to this app is you cannot have two children logged in at the same time. Once you receive your children’s Home Learning Code from their teacher, keep these safe as you will need them to log in each time. Don’t worry if you’ve lost the code. Just email your child’s teacher and they can generate you a new one. Children are only able to view their own journal as teachers have disabled 'student sharing'.


How do I sign into the Class app?

Once you, as a parent, have been verified and set up to view your child’s journal, your child’s teacher will send out a 12 letter Home Learning Code. When you log into the Class app, you will be given three options. If you click ‘I am a Student’ then you will be prompted to enter the code. This will allow your child to log in and add to their own journal. If you lose the code, email your child’s teacher and they will generate a new code. Once another code has been generated, you will be unable to log in using any previous codes.

As previously mentioned, you can only have one child logged into the Class app at a time so keep the codes safe.


How do I view more than one of my children’s journal on the Family app?

Once you have set up the app for one child, you can add a journal by clicking on your intitials in the top left hand corner and then clicking ‘Add Child’s Journal’. You will then be prompted for a QR code. This will have been emailed to you (or sent out via School Ping) by your child’s class teacher. Scan the code and then you will need to wait for your child’s class teacher to verify your email address. Once they have done this, you will be able to view and comment on your child’s journal entries and receive any announcements or message from your child’s teacher.


How does my child respond to an assignment?

As previously mentioned, you can only view and respond to assignments using the Family app. On the Class app, you will receive a notification when each assignment is uploaded. On the left hand side, you will see three tabs (journal, assignments and announcements). By clicking on the assignments tab, you can view the assignments set. Then you can post your response by clicking ‘Add Response’. You are then able to upload a photo, video, PDF, drawing, note or link.

Please note: you are only able to upload a PDF but if you create a piece of work on Microsoft Word, you can save a document as a PDF.

Can more than one parent or carer view a child’s profile?

Yes. An invitation email (or School Ping) will have been sent out to the main contact that we have established in school. However, if you would like to link another parent/carer to your child’s profile, then email your child’s class teacher with the name and email address of the person you would like to invite and the teacher will send out another email invitation link to the second contact once we have verified their name and email address with our school contact list.


How do I message my child’s teacher?

You can message your child’s teacher through SeeSaw using the Family app once the teacher has sent a message first to begin the contact. You can do this through the third tab on the Family app which is ‘Inbox’. It is through the inbox that you will also see any announcements that your child’s teacher sends.


How long can I access my child’s journal?

Your child’s journal will be established until the end of the year. The journal for this academic year will no longer be accessible in September as the classes don’t move up to the next teacher unless we as a school use SeeSaw Premium which is a paid subscription.


If you have any questions about using either of the SeeSaw apps, then please email your child’s class teacher for assistance or Miss Davies (adavies@primrosehill.gloucs.sch.uk).