W/B 11.5.20

Well-being Activity 

Connecting with others really helps our mental health.  This has been harder than normal during lockdown and we are all missing our friends and family.  Your well being activity this week is to create or make something and give it to someone else.  You might decide to bake a cake for a friend and leave it on their doorstep (remember to stick to the social distancing rules!) You could write a letter or poem and post it to relative you haven't seen in a while.  Or how about recording a song or message and sending it to your friends.  We are looking forward to seeing some of your ideas. 


Art Activity 

PE activity - HIIT 

How many of the following can you do in 1 minute?  Ask someone to time you and see how many you can do in 60 seconds.  Don't forget to send in your scores or perhaps you could film yourself and upload the video to Seesaw.  Can you beat your previous score? 

Jumping Jacks 

Toe touches 

Sit ups 

Push ups

Ball catches