W/B 18.5.20

Well- being activity 

Cheerio Bird Feeder

Thankfully, during lockdown we have been very lucky with the weather and nature has been at its best. One of the greatest uplifting sounds around us has been birdsong and every bird seems to have been singing its heart out.

Here is an activity that will help us repay those birds for all of the pleasure that they are giving us – you will need some Cheerios and pipe cleaners, old wire coat hangers or string.

All you have to do is thread those Cheerios onto the pipe cleaners and make them into a shape of your choice. This can then be hung on a nearby tree or window ledge and then you can just wait for the birds to arrive and feed.

Listening to bird song is an excellent Mindfulness activity that can relax you and help with anxiety. In the garden or at an open window, get your children to simply get comfortable, close their eyes and listen……..see how many different sounds your child can identify – different pitches and rhythms all of which are joyful and uplifting, Afterwards your child may be able to impersonate the sounds that they have heard.

By looking at the type of birds that are visiting your garden, you could make a tally of the different kinds,  research their species and try to associate the sounds that you have been hearing with particular birds.

Happy listening! 

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