W/B 4.5.20

This week's Well-Being activity 

A-Z Stretches

Here’s a fun activity that everyone can do. It’s good for your body and your mind and especially good for the wellbeing of our children. Physically, stretching enhances a child’s flexibility and co-ordination, it encourages body awareness, good concentration and self-esteem. It can also reduce your child’s anxiety and promote a sense of calmness.

A fun thing to try, is to make all of the letters of the alphabet with your body. Start with A and then B, C, D and so on. Try and hold each shape for 5 seconds before going onto the next letter

You can do it in pairs or let your child do it whilst you photograph the shapes they make and show them how well they have done. If you partner up with your child, you learn to support and balance each other, establishing trust at the same time.

For smaller children it will also reinforce the alphabet in their minds. Try drawing the letter together before you create the shape, to remind them what the letter looks like.

Take your time doing this, stretching and holding your body in the unusual shapes and ask your child how it makes their body feel. You will probably end up collapsing into giggles!

Stretching allows you to simply relax while spending time together and learning together. 

Art activity 

Create a 3D rainbow.  You can use a range of different resources and be as creative as you like. When you've finished, send in pictures so we can see all of your creations.  We can't wait. 




PE activity 

We are so lucky to live in such beautiful countryside.  Your PE activity this week is to go on a family walk and explore the local forest. See if you can spot any flowers, minibeasts or birds, click on the links below to find identification sheets.  


Mini beasts