Curriculum: Making it Matter


Pupils, staff and parents need to be engaged with a wide and rich curriculum that makes everyone want to come to school and learn.  This is why we have redesigned the curriculum approach.  Engagement leads to improved standards for all pupils.

Step 1: Our expertise

We recognise the needs of the pupils.  The needs are identified through data tracking, SEN specialist knowledge, pastoral work  and pupil voice.  Oracy is a strength of many pupils but Writing resilience does not reflect this ability.  We have therefore developed a curriculum that will identify opportunities to harness their enthusiasm for themes through purpose and outcome driven writing opportunities.  High standards of presentation and handwriting are expected and there will be a celebratory culture through newsletters, collective worship, theme portfolios and subject folders. 

Step 2: Driving enquiry

Inspiring, imaginative, exciting curriculum coverage is key to our pupils’ successes.  Our curriculum is born from exciting experiences to fire the imagination, with trips, visitors and class environments that stimulate.  The pupils’ own ideas and paths of enquiry are also vital to engagement.  Underpinning each theme is a clear skill based journey that ensures progression and coverage across their primary education.

Step 3Christian distinctiveness

We are a Church of England Academy, sponsored by the Diocese of Gloucester.  Our Christian values and vision will be evident throughout the environment and in the attitudes of all stakeholders.  The impact of our values and vision will be explicit in daily life around school with

  • adults modelling our values
  • focal points in every class
  • clear understanding on entering that this is a C of E school through images, symbols and displays
  • pupils becoming more involved in driving this focus
  • robust systems to monitor, evaluate and enhance practice
  • all stakeholders can discuss values and vision
  • improved links and involvement with our neighbours, our town, our Christian community

For information on the current National Curriculum please click on the link below.

We work hard to ensure our children receive an inspirational curriculum. We have thought carefully about how to link our vision and curriculum with the key skills our pupils need to learn. The three key skills we will be discovering this year are:

CURIOSITY - The desire to learn and find out for themselves.

CHOICES - Information to make life choices eg health, behaviour, jobs.

CITIZEN - To know about their place in the local, national and global community.

Our topic themes have been planned to drive a key word.

Autumn - CHANGE (history focus)

Spring - POWER (Science focus)

Summer - DISCOVERY (Geography focus)