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Friends of Primrose Hill

The Primrose Hill Parent Teacher Association (Friends of Primrose Hill – FOPH) has its own committee and officers, and plays an active role in organising events to raise funds for the school. The money is used to provide extra equipment and resources to enhance the education of the children. Over the years the FOPH commitment has provided the school with a wide variety of extras including the following:

  • Class set of laptops
  • Outside play equipment
  • Reception class welcome gifts
  • Whole class music lessons
  • Educational equipment for each class
  • Annual pantomime visit

The FOPH arranges many events for the children, parents and teachers and welcome your support and ideas.

An enormous thank you goes out to our FOPH members for all their hard work; to all our parents who have donated and bought at our events; and to all teachers and support staff who give up their time to support us in our meetings and to be at our events. An even bigger thank you to the children who have been involved in our events, giving us direct feedback like only children can and making us laugh and smile, making our efforts even more worthwhile.

We are always on the look out for new members to join our team. If you are interested, Anna is the current Chairperson of the committee – please feel free to contact her on

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