Ofsted and SIAMS

Ofsted Report 2016

SIAMs Report 2016 

A message from the Chair of Governorns:

Thank you all for your time and patience during and since our recent Ofsted inspection. We are very pleased, finally, to be able to share the outcome of the inspection with you.

Ofsted have judged Primrose Hill C of E Primary Academy to be Good in all areas.

"This is a huge achievement, given the high standards now required by the new Ofsted framework (2015). The inspectors were extremely thorough and spent many hours in lessons, looking at pupils’ work and talking to staff, parents, pupils and governors. They left no stone unturned and no area of the school escaped their inquisition. The comments they have made, both in their feedback to senior staff and governors, as well as in the attached report are testament to the enormous effort and focused hard work put in by all members of staff at the Academy as well as the great contributions from parents and carers and of course - the reason we all do this - our fantastic pupils.

The report highlights the great progress and attainment of our pupils:

 ‘Children enter school with skills and knowledge typical for their age. They make good progress in the Reception Class and, by the time they move on to Year 1, a higher than average proportion reached a good level of development for their age. ‘

 ‘In KS1.... more pupils at Primrose Hill Academy reached the expected standard in all three subjects than found in most schools nationally ‘

‘Pupils are confident, happy learners. They pay attention in class and have good attitudes to learning.’

‘Teachers have good subject knowledge, particularly in the core subjects of English and mathematics. ‘

‘The most able pupils are making fast progress and working at a high level. In both key stages 1 and 2 the most able pupils attained well in the end of key stage tests and assessments ‘

-and just as pleasing are the comments about how your children conduct themselves around school:

‘Pupils are polite and respectful to adults and each other. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ at lunchtime were regularly heard. The lead inspector was asked on two separate occasions if she was having a nice day and she was also offered a pupil’s chair. ‘

There are, as always, also areas for improvement. Both areas highlighted by the inspectors are already being addressed and measures had already been put in place which will ensure that the Academy deals quickly with these.

The Governors would like to thank Mrs Henson and all the staff at Primrose Hill C of E Primary Academy for their tireless commitment to improving the outcomes for our pupils and, whilst we are very pleased with and justifiably proud of this judgement, we would like to reassure you that, with your continued support, we are committed to further improving the Academy to ensure your children continue to receive an exciting and stimulating education during their time at Primrose Hill.

Louise Goode